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The room is filled with emptiness. GINA ÉTÉ‘s fragile voice is soothing your mind in warm melancholy, the outer world fades away. Suddenly your head is exploding,  despair is getting hold of your bones, you gasp  for breath. And then it is gone, leaving nothing but a faraway pounding in your ears.

GINA ÉTÉ has proved herself on stage with her charming viola and her energetic band over a 100 times. The single release she is celebrating on the 2nd of november in Soca Basel - with  25 concerts following all throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France. 

Press photos by ©Ina Aydogan
Live photos by ©Benno Hunziker
Video "Mauern" by Joel Olmedo & Juan Jacobo del Castillo
Video "Im Rhy" by Barbara Steinitz & Peter Bräunig
Live videos by Loustic Sessions, Sofar Sounds Leipzig, Spontanious GmbH
Video "Thursday" by Samuel Dütsch 
Recording supported by GGG Kulturkick & Jugendkulturpauschale der Stadt Basel
Tour supported by FONDATION SUISA + prohelvetia + SIS - Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung 
Video supported by RFV Regio Soundcredit 
International release supportet by SWISS MUSIC EXPORT