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Euphoria - Impact Basel Experts 15/11/14

Experts Impact Basel

1. Öpfelschnitz
2. high experience
3. Stretch Zone
4. Inspiration/Vertrauen (hier Vertrauen, Inspiration; siehe „so many dreams“-Song Nr 18)
5. Respekt für Mitmenschen
6. Chline Gröögu
7. fliessen
8. Euphorie
9. Sinn
10. Passion
11. Leben
12. Engagement
13. Flexibilität im Geiste
14. Grünraum
15. Dieser Raum


Vers 1
All of those dreams locked inside our heads
Respect (5) the space they demand
Give them a room (15)
A green field to bloom (14) 
If not they will lose their faith (4)

‘Cause all through our lives (11) we search passion (10)
All through our lives we search sense (9)
All through our lives it‘s euphoria (8)
That will give our dreams a chance 

Vers 2
Stretching your zone (3) of experience (2)
While fighting society‘s ghost (13)
You‘re locked in a cage
If you don‘t engage (12)
Your dreams in the life you live


Vers 3
Chum chliine Gröögu (6), du muesch jetz los
En Öpfouschnitz (1) uf dr Wäg
Spring  itz  in Fluss (7)
Vo dine Troim
Susch isches irgendwenn denn zspot 

graphic & illustration by Steffi Fink©
photography by Taya Chernyshova©, Benno Hunziker© &Edouard MK© 
stage setting support by Irma & Fred, such a friendly Broki in Basel!